Sweat Reduction Treatment

Non-Surgical procedure for excessive sweating , specifically in axilla, can be devastating, leading to social embarrassment, as well as occupational, physical, and psychological distress. Morpheus8 is a fractional RF device with programmable penetration depth and energy delivery killing 80% of sweat production. With the ability to treat multiple layers of the subdermal tissue providing an outstanding chance to address not only the superficial eccrine glands , responsible for sweating, but also the apocrine glands, responsible for odor.

Sweat Reduction Treatment – Morpheus8

Price: starting at $2,000 and up – price varies based upon treatment area Package of 4 sessions is required.

Numbing Cream is complimentary( this will need to be picked up day before session) ProNox is available : $50.00 additional for each session if desired.


Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta offer the latest in Botox and Skin fillers, which are a great compliment to laser rejuvenation and other laser treatments. We also offer a range of spa services including facials and chemical peels. Lose fat without surgery! We have Cool Sculpting!

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Dr. Kathleen J. Smith has extensive experience in performing surgery of the skin, also called "Dermatologic Surgery". Skin cancers, abnormal moles, cysts, lipomas, and other growths that are either dangerous or symptomatic can be removed surgically in an outpatient setting without the need for general anesthesia.

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Dr. Kathleen J. Smith is a board certified dermatologist in Atlanta, GA and member of American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. She treats an array of skin conditions and as a leading expert in all medical matters involving the skin.

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Knowledgeable and Experienced, Dr. Kathleen J. Smith Has Been Providing Dermatology Services for Over 25 Years. Dr. Smith is a board certified dermatologist in Atlanta, GA and member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. 

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Dr. Kathleen J. Smith

MD Dermatology

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