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laser spider veins, Atlanta | Dr. Kathleen J. SmithEnlarged veins, spider veins or broken capillaries can be unsightly on otherwise smooth leg skin. These areas may also cause skin itch or occasional discomfort. For most patients, though, the vascular lesions are unattractive and, in some cases, even embarrassing. Splotches on one or both legs can cause concern or prevent patients from wearing a bathing suit or shorts in warm weather or during exercise. Gratefully, vein treatment for spider veins, bulges, or spots on the skin’s surface quickly remedies these red, brown, or purple lesions.

Vein wall or valve weakness can allow blood to pool rather than circulate through the vessel. Tiny capillaries may be easily covered with a concealer but larger so-called varicose veins can cause the patient a lot of anxiety. Laser vein removal works well for many patients with these concerns. Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta, a nationally-recognized and triple board-certified dermatology practice, diagnoses and treats patients in need of vein treatments.


Some visible veins may be a symptom of another serious condition, such as a cardiovascular disease. Other diseases or problems can cause an increase in the patient’s venous pressure. It’s important for the physician to understand the cause of the condition prior to diagnosis or treatment. Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta may request blood work and other tests before recommending treatment options.

Spider veins or broken blood vessels may result from a blow, such as those received in contact sports. Patients who play sports, like baseball, may suffer venous injuries. It’s important to tell the dermatologist about lifestyle, sports, activities, medicines, and heredity during the office visit.

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

Laser Treatments: Spider veins, or tiny broken capillaries, can appear anywhere on the body, including the patient’s facial skin. These lesions may result from skin conditions or diseases, the aging process, sun’s UV rays, or hormone treatments or therapies. The patient may have a single treatment (for a small number of broken vessels) or multiple treatments (for larger numbers of multiple areas) with a break of four to six weeks between each. Patients with sensitive skin may receive a topical anesthetic. Most patients report little to no pain in the procedure. There is no down-time required for most patients receiving this treatment.


There is no known cure for broken or bulging blood veins or vessels. It’s important to consider the original cause of the patient’s condition. Some individuals are more genetically prone to develop broken vessels. Vein treatment, depending upon the patient’s underlying cause, is usually the best way to treat broken vessels as they present.

For example, if the patient’s broken capillaries are the result of sun damage, it’s essential for the patient to protect the skin from additional damage by wearing sun screen and proper sun-protective clothing. If the patient’s varicose veins are the result of genetics, it’s good practice for him or her to maintain healthy habits, reduce if overweight, and engage in regular (but not intense) exercise.


Vein treatment help patients enjoy life, especially in the warm weather months. Patients in the greater Atlanta area, including Sandy Springs, Tucker, Druid Hills-North Druid Hills, Gresham Park, Panthersville, and North Decatur, GA, should call Dr. Kathleen J. Smith for an appointment now at 678-904-4932.

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