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Acne Scars, Stretch Marks & Surgical Scars

Scar Treatments Decatur | Dr. Kathleen J. SmithScars, usually separated into two basic types—hypertrophic (red, inflamed-looking, newer scars) and mature (whitish, silvery older lesions)—may be small and unnoticeable or very large and visible. Today’s dermatology practice may include medicines, Chemical Peels, or laser therapies to perform scar treatments that reduce and improve the appearance of lesions, stretch marks, and keloids. Dr. Kathleen J. Smith at Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta, is a triple board-certified dermatologist, assists patients with concerns about skin diseases and conditions of all types.

Scarring is part of the body’s natural healing process in response to tissue damage. Some scar treatments make the lesion less noticeable, change its contours, or stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastic production. According to an array of research studies reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), some of the latest therapies successfully help almost three-fourths of all patients with the most lesions (created by acne, burns, trauma, accidents, or poor wound healing) to improve their appearance. Darker-skinned patients may suffer keloids, a particular type of abnormal lesion. These types require provider expertise and greater complementary therapies than other types.

Treatment Types

Some medicines may be used to help the patient’s skin heal. Recent research from Johns Hopkins University says that avotermin can help to facilitate skin’s healing. Two clinical studies showed that patients receiving the drug showed improved appearance of scarring after the first six months of use. At one year, the appearance was even more noticeable. A third clinical study showed that patients taking the drug had a fifteen percent improved appearance (using five ng/L) than patients receiving the placebo. Researchers said that sixty percent of the patients’ (receiving the drug) had reduced abnormal healing than those receiving the placebo.

Scar treatments reduce areas of skin discoloration, such as those created by scarring, and decrease the appearance of wrinkles, folds, and lines of the skin. The process evens the skin’s tone and usually helps to improve the ability to hold moisture. Chemical Peel treatments’ effectiveness relies upon professional equipment and skills. Patients seeking to improve the scarring or stretch marks’ appearance should seek the skills of an experienced medical professional such as Dr. Kathleen J. Smith at Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta.

Laser Scar Removal:

Laser scar treatments are effective treatment for large, visible stretch marks. Some patients develop deep, large marks as a result of pregnancy, hormone treatments, or weight lifting exercise. Stretch marks are formed deeply in the skin, in its dermis (middle) layer. That’s why topical treatments like Retin-A usually do nothing to change the appearance of these striae. Today’s latest therapies enable the dermatologist to effectively treat old and new striae. Research studies show that PDL treatments improve the patient’s skin color and simultaneously reduce the depth and length of stretch marks. An impressive fifty to sixty-five percent improvement in skin elasticity occurs as the patient’s skin is stimulated to make more collagen and elastic.

Special Situations: Some raised scars, known as keloids, are formed of hardened skin. They are highly visible and can pose treatment challenges to the physician or plastic surgeon. Cortisone treatments can help to reduce the size of this type of scar, though some patients experience an inflammatory response after treatment. Lasers are less beneficial in treatment of these scars. Some patients benefit from cryotherapy or silicone sheets treatments. The determination of the best treatment options requires the skills of a deeply knowledgeable medical provider. It’s essential to work with an experienced dermatologist in treating keloids. Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta offers the latest treatments for patients that are in search of improving their scars’ appearance and overall skin health.


Patients throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area don’t need to suffer with visible scars, stretch marks, or keloids. Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta assists patients in North Decatur, North Atlanta, Doraville, Druid Hills/North Druid Hills, Redan, Chamblee, Gresham Park, Tucker, Chamblee, East Point, Sandy Springs, and Forest Park, GA to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and keloids. Old and new scars can be diminished in size or lightened in color on the face or body with today’s dermatology technology. Contact Dr. Kathleen J. Smith for an appointment today at 678-904-4932.

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