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Latisse for Longer Eyelashes

Eyelash Enhancer – Latisse®

Grow longer lashes. Atlanta, GAThis FDA-approved treatment helps people grow really long, thick, and dramatic eyelashes and is available by prescription. Bimatoprost, the active ingredient, promotes the growth of lashes in eight to sixteen weeks. Latisse should be used each night as part of the patient’s treatment regimen. Instructions for the product state that if the patient forgets to apply Latisse, he or she shouldn’t use twice the amount the following day. The claims may seem quite unrealistic but results speak for themselves.

According to the product manufacturer, the patient’s lashes may grow twenty-five percent longer and more than one hundred percent fuller. More than three-fourths of individuals in the Latisse clinical study grew much longer, thicker eyelashes within sixteen weeks. Some patients saw results within the first eight weeks, with the average patient achieving results by twelve weeks. Many patients grow darker lashes as well, obviating the need to wear mascara or pay for expensive eyelash extensions.
Some patients may experience side effects of the treatment, including irritated or red eyes. It’s important to notify the dermatologist of any unusual symptoms, such as extremely dry eyes.

Using Latisse® is by prescription only. Dr. Kathleen Smith can let you know if Latisse® is right for you and will then be glad to offer you Latisse at her practice in Tucker, GA.


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