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Itchy Skin, Atlanta | Dermatology Specialists of AtlantaSkin is the body’s largest organ and itchy skin can mean something isn’t right. At minimum, skin that itches is irritating and possibly painful. Extreme irritation and itchiness may be accompanied with tingling or burning sensations. There are a wide variety of reasons why skin becomes itchy. Dr. Kathleen Smith, a triple board-certified dermatologist at  Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta, can help patients end frustrating, painful, annoying and sleep-reducing itchiness.

Some of the most common reasons for itchy skin include: dry skin; disorders or diseases of the skin; allergies; hormonal changes; medicines; and internal illnesses. Dr. Kathleen J. Smith, a widely-published dermatology expert, evaluates, diagnoses, and treats all diseases and disorders of the skin including skin itch. Don’t suffer, call and make an appointment 678-904-4932 at Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta located in Decatur, GA.


Dry skin is the most common reason for itchy skin, but some people have very dry or severely dry skin. This type of skin may resist over-the-counter moisturizers and treatments that manage garden variety dryness. Exceptionally dry skin flakes, peels, cracks, and is prone to development of rashes. Secondary infections can result from stress or tears created by the act of scratching very dry skin.

Causes of dry skin include lack of hydration, medicines, aging, hormones, or changes in the weather. Some people develop dry skin by taking very hot baths and showers. Dr. Kathleen J. Smith recommends the use of warm bathing water and recommends the use of after-bath moisturizing lotions or creams. This regimen, more than any other, helps the skin to hold moisture from the bath. Because some patients’ skins are very dry, Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta may prescribe treatments to improve skin texture and moisture. For basic skin care tips, click here.

Skin diseases and disorders, including dermatitis, psoriasis, skin cancer, or eczema, can cause skin to burn, swell, blister, or break out. Disorders can occur from bacteria, fungi, viruses, illnesses, or even the patient’s genetic profile. Individuals from some families are more likely to inherit extremely dry or sensitive skin than others. Disorders of the skin require evaluation and diagnosis before treatment begins. There are many products available in the local grocery or drug store, but patients should avoid self-treatment. Also, if treatment creams, lotions, tablets, or injections are required to manage a disorder, prescription strength medicines are best formulated to benefit the patient’s needs. For more information on skin conditions, click here.

Allergies are sometimes announced by the presence of itchy skin. Allergies may result from food, soaps-detergents-personal care products, medicines, chemicals (e.g. cleaning products and solutions), fabric or clothing fabrications (e.g. nickel or metals), and more. Some allergies result from contact with the allergen, and other allergies occur as the result of internal processes, such as consuming food or medicines to which the patient is allergic. Young patients may be allergic to a great many substances and some may resolve over time. It’s always essential to engage a board-certified dermatologist to identify or rule out the presence of allergies as the cause of irritated, itchy skin. For more information on allergies, click here.

Hormones can cause extremely itchy skin. A pregnant patient experiences a great amount of skin stretch during nine months of pregnancy. Her abdomen, thighs, breasts, buttocks or other body parts may change in size and shape to accommodate the growing baby within. Hormones are also a factor in pregnancy or when an individual is prescribed supplemental hormones. The pregnant patient’s hormone levels increase throughout the pregnancy and then readjust to postpartum levels after birth. Skin becomes more sensitive and dry. The pregnant patient can usually make do with a high quality moisturizing oil or cream during pregnancy. Other patients using contraceptives or hormone treatments may experience long-term skin dryness. When the patient must remain on hormonal treatments for an indefinite period, he or she may need special help in managing severely dry, sensitive, or irritated skin.

Medications and Prescription Medicines
may cause itchiness. It’s important to bring a list (or medication containers) to an appointment at Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta. Some over-the-counter medications can cause reactions with other medicines or on their own. The patient may be allergic to something in the formula. Itchiness may result from some prescription medicines and, if this happens, it’s essential to contact the physician right away.

Internal Illness can cause man symptoms, including skin itchiness. Serious diseases, including iron deficiency to various forms of cancer or liver disease, may result in itchy skin. In general, if itchy skin presents and persists, it’s usually a sign that something is wrong.


Itchy skin can happen from something as simple as a change in the weather. Outdoor activities, especially when the patient sweats, can create temporary skin itchiness. There’s no reason to suffer with prolonged itchiness, and it’s important for patients throughout greater Atlanta to learn the cause of their itchy skin before self-treatments. Patients in North Decatur, Druid Hills, Gresham Park, Tucker, Chamblee, East Point, and Sandy Springs, GA should call Dr. Kathleen J. Smith to arrange an appointment at 678-904-4932 today.

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