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Sunscreen and Sun Protection Products

sun screen, Atlanta, GAUse only the best sunscreen for your sun protection because sun damage is irreversible. Your sunscreen needs to block all the UVA and UVB rays and last as long as possible on your skin. Most sunscreen products don’t do either! All of the products offered at Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta provide the most advanced broad spectrum sun protection. Enjoy the outdoors and be confident that you have the best sun protection possible.

Blue Lizard Sunscreens

Blue Lizard sunscreen, Atlanta, GAOriginally formulated in Australia and now manufactured in the United States, Blue Lizard is a low-cost, high performance sunscreen for all patient age extremes and every skin type. It’s approximately three times’ more water-resistant than major U.S. sunscreen brands. Blue Lizard offers broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection (between 280 to 400 nanometers). The formula is natural and mineral-based, made with at least six percent Z-Cote Zinc Oxide, a micronized/coated ZnO. These products are free from chemicals, fragrances, propylene glycol, and parabens, so they’re safe for everyone to use. Blue Lizard Sunscreens offer a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30+. This means the skin is protected more than thirty times’ the skin’s innate abilities to protect itself from sun’s UV rays. Importantly, Blue Lizard’s Smart Bottle (TM) changes color when dangerous sun UV light hits it. Everyone appreciates the gentle prompt to put on a jacket, wide-brimmed hat, or beachcomber pants at this time. It’s a safe sun-teaching tool that’s approved for all patients by Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta.

Tizo Sunscreens

TIZO Sunscreen, Atlanta, GAMineralized TIZO ZnO-based sunscreens offer a revolutionary application system that many dermatologists and their patients prefer. The formulas are light, non-irritating, and feel like air, including:

  • TIZO3 Solar Protection (SPF 40) Facial Mineral Fusion is water-resistant and offers broad UVA/UVB facial protection.
  • TIZO2 Solar Protection Formula (SPF 40) Light Skin Facial Mineral goes on easily and dries to a completely non-tinted, clear and matte (non-shiny) finish. The beautiful natural-look makes cosmetics unnecessary for some patients. It’s water-resistant and perfect for daily use.
  • TIZO Body Solar Protection (SPF 35) provides twenty percent ZnO for face and body. This non-tinted mineral screen is ideal for both men and women. The formula goes on and dries quickly. It’s free of fragrances and parabens and offers full sun protection.

TIZO also makes a full line of elegant tinted mineral cosmeceutical products for patients who like to wear make-up.

Selecting an experienced dermatologist saves many patients from incessant questions about what skin care products are best for their skin. Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta wants each patient to enjoy radiant and healthy skin. Patients in and around greater Atlanta, North Decatur, North Atlanta, Druid Hills (North Druid Hills), Doraville, Panthersville, and throughout the suburbs should call Dr. Kathleen J. Smith at 678-904-4932 today.

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