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Compounded Skin Treatments

Compounded DrugsIn addition to over-the-counter skin care products including Obagi, Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta compound prescription skin care products specifically formulated for each patient’s unique needs. These topical medications all contain prescription grade agents and multiple different agents to increase their effectiveness.

Hyperpigmentation Including Melasma

Hyperpigmentation can be secondary to multiple factors including inflammation and hormone. Formulation for the treatment of hyperpigmentation may include a number of different products that work through various different mechanism including agents such as hydroquinone which directly affects pigment production. We care three different formulations to treat hyperpigmentation tailored to the type of hyperpigmentation the patient’s skin type and other associated skin conditions.

Tretinoin (Retin-A) with Niacinamide for Acne, Anti-Aging and Stretch Marks

Tretinoin a retinoid is most effective treatment for acne and the main therapy for blackhead (open comedomes) and closed comedomes. Retinoids are also proven agents in the treatment of fine lines, and stretch marks. Dr. smith has developed a compounded stretch mark cream as a treatment option for patients. This formulation contains Tretinoin, peptides, salicylic acid, latic acid, hyaluronic acid, ceramides and argan oil.

Treatment for Acne

We offer a compound product containing prescription agents which have shown significant effect in the treatment of acne.

Treatment for Increased Facial Hair Growth

Increased facial hair growth is common in women with no underlying health issues as well as in women with PCOS. We care a topical medication to decrease and inhibit facial hair growth as well as treating the associated folliculitis that often accompanies increased facial hair growth. Our office also offers systemic treatments and laser hair removal.

Anti-Aging Gel

We offer a compounded agent with prescription grade topical medication that have proven anti-aging effect as well as improving skin texture and decreasing uneven pigmentation

Rosacea Gel

We offer a compound product for the treatment of Rosacea that contains multiple prescription agents to effectively treat the different manifestations of Rosacea and decrease the skin sensitivity.

Medication for Pain and Burning

We offer a compounded product containing multiple proven agents in the treatment of pain and burning for conditions (i.e., diabetic neuropathy and vulvodynia).

Medications to Treat and Prevent Bruises and Accelerate Wound Healing

We off a compound topical gel containing products that increase wound healing and decrease bruising.

Anti-Fungal Solution for Nails

We offer at topical solution for the treatment of chronic nail fungus even cases of resistant non-dermatophyte nail fungus

Medication for Stasis Dermatitis

We offer a compound topical gel for treatment of stasis dermatitis which can be used in combination with other agents to increase their effectiveness.

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