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Botox wrinkle remover, Atlanta

Botox enables you to have a wrinkle free smile!

Botox is best known as an anti-aging treatment. Individuals often use it to reduce the look of worrisome forehead creases or to achieve an almost instant eye-opening mini-brow lift. Treatments are temporary. The patient must return every three to four months for maintenance at the dermatologist’s office. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAP), the treatment is the most popular anti-aging treatment in the United States. About three million patients receive these treatments every year, and demand for treatments continues to grow. Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta, located in east Atlanta, is a board-certified dermatology practice lead by Dr. Kathleen J. Smith. She can help the patient in search of an improved appearance to determine if this cosmetic treatment option is right for him or her.

Botox is manufactured by Allergan, a leading company in the production of pharmaceuticals. The treatment was originally approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) for the control of involuntary facial movement, including repetitive excessive blinking or lazy eye. About twelve years ago, the FDA additionally approved the treatment for frown lines or furrows in the facial skin. Dermatologist, Dr. Kathleen J. Smith of Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta, injects the treatment into the patient’s facial muscles during an office visit. A numbing agent is usually applied before injection to reduce any sensation of pain. This isn’t a surgical procedure and patients usually report little to no down time.

Common Treatment Areas

Botox for Men, Atlanta | Dr. Kathleen J. Smith

Men enjoy the benefits of Botox too.

ASAP reports that the most common treatment requests from patients include crow’s feet (eye wrinkles), forehead lines or creases, and frown lines:

  • Many dermatologists consider this the treatment of choice for smoothing out crow’s feet,” or wrinkles that form around the eyes as the result of sun damage, smiling/squinting, or environmental factors. The treatment works by preventing specific facial muscles which cause crow’s feet from contracting. Most patients with crow’s feet use approximately eighteen to thirty units, depending upon the wrinkles’ length and depth.
  • Some patients are prone to the development of deep, horizontal lines in the forehead. These creases also form from sun damage or as the result of aging. Patients may develop forehead lines earlier than other lines and wrinkles. The amount of treatment needed varies with each patient, but surgeons often recommend a minimum of forty units.
  • Other patients want to remove “frown” lines to achieve a more youthful appearance. Lines are caused by repetitive frowning or squinting over many years. As the muscles contract again and again, the muscles used in the glabellar area become permanently contracted. The amount required to perform the treatment varies by patient, and depends upon the length and depth of the lines. An average treatment for the area requires about twenty-five units.


Dr. Kathleen J. Smith prepares the treatment for injection after discussion with the patient. She will discuss the patient’s desired goals and explain what results are achievable with the treatment. The patient should remove all makeup prior to receiving injections. It’s usually possible for patients to reapply cosmetics within a few hours or according to doctor’s instructions.

Injections may cause slight bruises or swelling at the injection site. Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta may recommend topical treatments, such as arnica gel, to help the skin heal. Patients should avoid lying down or rubbing the injection site for several hours post-treatment.


According to Harvard University School of Medicine, the treatment works by temporarily preventing nerves of certain muscles from communicating with each other. This blocks the specific muscles from contracting as usual. Frown lines are therefore reduced and less visible. Treatment doesn’t prevent new wrinkles or lines from forming. Because the treatment doesn’t permanently prevent the muscles from contracting, treatments must be repeated every few months for best results. Botox is manufactured by Allergan, a pharmaceutical company.

Other Uses

Originally Botox, a Clostridium botulinum bacteria, produced by Allergan, was used to treat strabismus, a problem with eye muscles. Later Botox was used to treat uncontrolled muscle spasms in the face and doctors discovered these patients had fewer wrinkles.  Patients with concerns about excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis) or migraine headache may also benefit from Botox treatments. Atlanta Dermatology Consultants evaluates, diagnoses, and treats patients with these conditions.

Dysport & Xeomin

At Dermatology Specialists of Atlanta, Dr. Kathleen Smith chooses the products she uses. Botox, Dysport and Xeomin have been successfully used for many years, and have been proven to be safe and effective. Botox was the first hyaluronic acid wrinkle inhibitor on the market and therefore is requested more often than Dysport or Xeomin but Dr. Smith is happy to use the product you request.


A youthful face is usually considered a great asset in today’s world. If facial lines and wrinkles are a cause of embarrassment or social avoidance, why wait? Patients in the greater Atlanta area, including North Decatur, Druid Hills, North Druid Hills, Belvedere Park, Gresham Park, North Atlanta, Tucker, Chamblee, Forest park, East Point, Doraville, Redan, and Sandy Springs, GA should schedule an appointment with Dr. Kathleen J. Smith today at 678-904-4932.


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